Have you ever been in the throes of a terrible, and terribly busy, day? You burst out of the library, your arms full of books, your head full of purpose- you have to go to the grocery store, pick up dry cleaning, drop off the movie rentals, make dinner, straighten up the house.  You’re about to open your car door when a flash of red catches your eye. You look up- and there is the most magnificent tree you have ever seen, the wind rippling those bright leaves like a piece of silk ensnared in a river’s current. The world slows down; every thought is driven from your head. You can’t help but break into a smile. 

You are grateful for the simple and miraculous fact that you’re alive. 

We all want more of these moments.

30 Days of Living is crafted with the idea of “intentional living”. Too often we find our months blend together in an incomprehensible blur. Days are filled with chores and items to tick off of our to do list, instead of taking notice of the moments we’re living in.

We know that it takes about thirty days to form a habit.

What about a habit of better living?

The purpose of this series is to perform an action that urges you to be mindful of your day and how it’s spent. I want to challenge you to accomplish one daily goal for a month. I will ask you to find a moment in the midst of your busy day to extend yourself outside of your comfort zone, and complete your goal with intention. 

Find a commitment that enriches you, or the people around you, and execute it every day for thirty days.

It can be something that results in a personal benefit:

  • Pray or meditate
  • Abstain from alcohol
  • Practice yoga
  • Study a new language
  • Read your favorite books
  • Take a walk
  • Dedicate time to a hobby

Or that results in a benefit for others:

  • Smile at everyone you see
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Walk dogs from the local animal shelter
  • Perform one small act of kindness each day- fill empty meters, buy someone their coffee, hold the door open
  • Start a conversation with a stranger

This may seem deceptively simple, but putting a goal in front of you each day helps provide focus.  Whether you’re holding downward dog each morning, or starting a conversation with your child every night, this challenge forces you to think about the actions of your day and how you’re using your time.

Every month I’ll choose a new goal to aspire to. Join me with your own goals- let’s place our focus on these objectives, and start living each day with intention.


What are you challenging yourself with this month?