The life and travels of a wandering ginger

From Alaska to Italy and Maine, and everywhere in between, travel is in our blood. Throughout the years, we’ve pursued long-term travel all over the globe. And now we’re off again on grand new adventures: but this time, there are three of us.

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Before our daughter was a year old she had traveled all over Alaska; and to Boston, Nashville, Hawaii, and more.

We’ve traveled cross-country with an infant, navigated 8+ hour car rides with a toddler, and packed up a cat and moved it across the world.

Want to learn how to travel long term —   no matter where you are in life?

From the elegance and history of Italy, to the wildness of the Alaska backcountry, I love traveling. It makes me feel alive.

The pandemic and new addition to our family slowed our travel the past couple of years, but it didn’t stop completely.

Life looks a little bit different from when this blog started, but I’m excited to see what the future brings, and figure out how to run our busy digital media agency from the road.

You ready?