Yeah, you.


The one with the office job, spouse, kids, mortgage, pet.

Ever dream of living in Germany? France? Of spending 6 months in Argentina? Is Australia calling your name? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel for a year, seeing the places that you dreamt about growing up? Have you given up those hopes, because you can’t believe that you could possibly live it out the way a college student could: backpacking, and sleeping in hostels? You have a family now, a career, and so many responsiblities you’ve chained yourself with, that you relegate your fantasies to a brief yet expensive blowout two weeks out of fifty two.

Do you think that long term travel is a luxury of the rich?

What if I told you that you were wrong? What if I told you that you were only missing two things in order to pursue this life:

Information, and courage.

I am living this. I am making mistakes so you don’t have to. I’m going to share everything I’ve learned so far, and everything I will learn, so you can do this- just like me.

The only thing you have to provide is courage. I know changing your life can be fraught with uncertainty. Change is hard.

This website is for everyone who has ever said to me:

I’m so jealous, Megan. I wish I could do that. You are so lucky!”

I am here, not just to tell you that you can do it– but show you. I’ve had many disbelieving looks, and disheartened shrugs; so to counteract those feelings of defeat, those excuses, I am going to show you EXACTLY how to pull off long term travel with the responsibilities that you already have.

A one month jaunt? Three months? A year? The foreseeable future? However long you want to travel for, and to wherever- I can help you. Visa regulations, income uncertainties, pet travel, mortgage payments; I deal with this every day. Bank accounts in a new location? Opening new mailboxes, mail forwarding, renting out your house?

I get it.

I live it.

And I can help you live it too.

Welcome to the journey.

I am The Itinerant Ginger.


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