Presumptuous and tempestuous: just your average Ginger

To be a writer is to be presumptuous.

It says, “I have something to say worth hearing.”

It says, “I can say it better than anybody else.”

It says, “Listen to me.”


So, listen to me, because I have something to say- and it’s worth hearing.

I have something to say about human nature. How each and every one of us has the capacity for greatness; and the capacity for evil.

I have something to say about culture. How culture can and does define us. And how we can embrace it, or break free from it.

I have something to say about travel. How travel can change you. How exposing yourself to the people of different nations will help you find compassion for your neighbors- and your enemies.

I have something to say about life. How living with intention, and intensity, can change the way you view the world, and the way you participate in it.

And I have something to say about death. How living with the awareness of this absolute can free you from the limitations you impose on yourself. And how we must think about death, to have the courage to truly live.

I have something to say, and this is where I’ll say it.

This is INK.



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