a long weekend in mccarthy

Despite the persistent rain, our long weekend in McCarthy turned out to be a much-needed escape. Nestled in our cozy spot at Blackburn Cabins, the rain seemed less of an inconvenience and more like a rhythmic backdrop to our family adventure. Exploring the area was an exercise in embracing the unexpected. The wet weather brought a certain freshness to the air, making the autumn leaves around us seem more vibrant.  With its rich history and stunning views, Kennecott didn’t lose any of its charm under the cloudy skies. The rain enhanced its beauty, giving the old mine and the surrounding landscape a mystical, almost ethereal quality. The vivid reds of the buildings stood strikingly against the grey skies, creating an ethereal scene from a storybook. Throughout our stay, we found joy in the little things – the sound of rain on the cabin roof, the hot soup after a damp outing, and the laughter shared over books and board games. It was a reminder that the best family memories can be made even in the most trying of conditions. 

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