Savage river Trail: denali national park

Hiking the Savage River Loop in Denali National Park is a wonderful family activity! The trail’s distance is manageable, spanning about 2.1 miles round-trip, which can typically be completed in around one hour. This makes it ideal for families, including those with younger children, as it’s long enough to be engaging but not overly strenuous​​​​​​. The elevation change on the trail is negligible, with only a minor rise and fall and no significant uphill sections. This makes it accessible for hikers of all skill levels and ages, ensuring that even the little ones can keep up easily​​​​. The trail itself is mostly a wide, clear, gravel and dirt path, offering a safe and easy-to-navigate route. This flat, well-maintained trail minimizes the risk of trips and falls, making it suitable for children and less experienced hikers​​. The Savage River Loop provides stunning views and opportunities to witness wildlife and the beautiful Savage River. The trail loops around either side of the river, carving a path between Mount Margaret and Healy Ridge, offering diverse and picturesque landscapes throughout the hike.

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